The Story of Sydney’s Starry Splash

The Story of Sydney’s Starry Splash

Jan 16, 2024E. Parris

Sydney the starfish twinkled pink like the dawn. She wasn’t always under the sea, though. Long ago, Sydney shimmered in the sky until her starlight dimmed and she tumbled down, down, down, from her celestial home, tracing a path like a shooting star.

Upon splashing into the ocean, Sydney cut her arm. It was a strange new world, where the sky was not above but below, and the stars were not to gaze upon but to befriend. As tears welled in her eyes, two curious creatures, Sam the Seahorse and Mandy the Manatee, heard her soft sobs.

“What’s wrong?” they asked, drifting closer.

“I’m Sydney, where am I?” she sniffled, showing her injured arm.

Quick as a flash, Sam put two tiny bandaids on her cut while Mandy offered a sip of their magical formula. The sweet taste made Sydney’s eyes sparkle, and her frown turned upside down.

As the sun sank and the moon rose, they chatted about the ocean’s wonders. Sydney, Sam, and Mandy became fast friends, playing tag with the tides and hide-and-seek among the coral. Though Sydney had no memory of her life as a star, every night she gazed at the surface above, feeling a sense of belonging under the mirrored sky.

The ocean was vast, mysterious, and full of adventures, but most importantly, it was home. With her injury all but forgotten and her heart full of joy, Sydney knew she was right where she was meant to be—amongst the stars of the sea.

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