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Mix Smarter

The Safe Decision For Parents

Mix Smarter With The Leche Press by BabyGlass Gourmet

The Only Glass Baby Formula Mixer on the Market

At BabyGlass, We Believe Babies Deserve the Best

This Begins With Using Only the Safest Materials

The Leche Press is made from glass, stainless steel, wood, and silicone - all materials that are naturally BPH free and do not contain any chemicals that can leach into food. This means that parents can mix baby formula with higher temperature water without worrying about harmful chemicals seeping into their baby's food


The Leche Press

Naturally BPH Free

Pour With Precision

The Smarter Decision for Parents

Our product is the smarter decision for parents who want to keep their babies safe from harmful plastics. Unlike other plastic mixers on the market, The Leche Press is eco-friendly and does not contribute to micro-plastic waste in our oceans. We believe in environmental responsibility and strive to create baby products that are both safe for our children and kind to our planet.

Sleek and Stylish Look

With its ergonomic handle and
easy-to-grip design, The Leche Press is perfect for parents looking for both functionality and aesthetics. At 1.3L, it's the largest volume baby formula pitcher on the market, which makes it ideal for twins, triplets, or more. With the ability to batch mix baby formula, The Leche Press gently mixes formula without introducing bubbles that can bother developing tummies.

At BabyGlass Gourmet, we believe that parents shouldn't have to choose between style, function, and safety when it comes to their baby products. The Leche Press offers all three, and more. We are committed to using materials that are environmentally responsible and safe for babies.

Multi-Purpose Pitcher Design

Additionally, The Leche Press can be used as a nightstand water jug or on a windowsill to water plants. You can even write the date and time on the pitcher using a wine glass marker or dry erase markers. This makes The Leche Press not only great for sustainable baby formula mixing, but also a stylish and practical addition to your home.

Join the Glass Revolution with The Leche Press

For Safe, Stylish, and Sustainable Baby Formula Mixing
Join us in making a difference in the health of our children and the environment. Make the smarter decision for your baby by choosing The Leche Press. Pre-order now and be the first to experience the benefits of the only glass baby formula pitcher around. Alternatively, sign up to our mailing list to be notified when the Leche Press goes live!

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Eco-Friendly Glass Pitcher That’s Built to Last

At BabyGlass, we are committed to providing parents with safe, eco-friendly, and functional products that are made to last. We believe in the quality of our product and stand behind it with a satisfaction guarantee. We are proud to offer the only glass baby formula mixer, and we know that once you try it, you'll see why it's the smarter decision for you and your little ones.

As a symbol of gentleness, patience, purity, and protection, the seahorse is a perfect representation of the care and attention that parents put into preparing formula for their little ones.

The Story Behind the Safest Baby Formula Mixer

Our story began when a group of parents/nurses came together with a shared goal: to create safe, eco-friendly, and functional products for babies. We saw a gap in the market for a baby formula pitcher that didn't use harmful plastics and chemicals, and we set out to make this vision a reality.


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At BabyGlass Gourmet, we are committed to creating eco-friendly, safe, and multi-purpose baby products that can be used long after your baby has outgrown formula